Crossfit Teens

What is Crossfit Teens

Crossfit Teens is a strength and conditioning program built specifically for athletes and non-athletes ages 13-18. Coached by certified Crossfit trainers, classes combine age appropriate weightlifting and gymnastics with constantly varied intensity to help our athletes develop the strength, mobility, and agility needed to tackle whatever endeavors they choose. 

At Crossfit Azimuth, proper technique is always more important than weight, and we believe in teaching our athletes to move well to develop strength and power. We also believe in creating a safe, fun environment for your teen to learn new skills without judgement. Because Crossfit is constantly varied and balanced, it can help prevent the overuse injuries that are common in young athletes. With workouts that are scalable for any age or skill level, Crossfit Teens benefits both accomplished athletes and those just beginning their fitness journey. 

Crossfit Azimuth Teens will teach your teen how to workout, but it will also teach them how to approach challenges and build the confidence needed to tackle any obstacle they face. Whether your teen is looking to supplement their sport specific training or just looking to be more active, Crossfit Azimuth Teens is committed to helping them achieve their goals. 

CrossFit Azimuth

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